Post-doctoral position

Mikhail Gorsky takes part in the CHARMS project! He is now a post-doc at the LAMFA in Amiens.


Upcoming or recent talks

Exposé de Claire Amiot au Séminaire FD

Le jeudi 2 juillet à 15h : Derived equivalences for skew-gentle algebras

Opper, Plamondon and Schroll described a geometric model for the derived category of gentle algebras. In this talk I will explain how to use this model to get one for the derived category of skew-gentle algebras. The main tool is the use of the skew-group algebra structure of the skew-gentle algebras. This is a collaboration with Thomas Brüstle.

Rencontre de lancement du projet

Cette rencontre virtuelle aura lieu le vendredi 3 juillet, à partir de 9h30.

Exposé de Bernhard Keller au Seminaire d'algèbre de Sherbrooke

Le mercredi 8 juillet à 16h : Catégories triangulées additivement finies, d'après Riedtmann...

A Krull-Schmidt category is additively finite if it has only finitely many isoclasses of indecomposable objects. The study of additively finite triangulated categories has a long history which starts with Riedtmann's work in the early 80s. In chronological order, some further contributors are: Auslander-Reiten (1986), Happel (1987), Xiao-Zhu (2005), Buan-Marsh-Reineke-Reiten-Todorov (2006 in combination with K 2005), Amiot (2007), Krause (2012), Hanihara (05/2018) and Muro (10/2018). In this survey talk, we will summarize some of the most important results with particular emphasis on Muro's recent work.